Carlo Parlanti: an alleged guilty story – By Gabriele Ferraresi

26 10 2007
We never talk enough about some stories; especially about this one, that is not easy to follow, that is a complex story, although crystal-clear in its horror, with lots of dates and names to remember, nobody talks about any more. There has been some talking in the past, but not enough for sure, at least not enough to reach a mass so critical to move something. Carlo Parlanti (see picture) is locked up in the prison of Avenal, California since June 3rd 2005: he has been accused of crimes that he has never committed, accused by a deranged witness, during a farce trial. Possible? In the United States? In the “land of freedom” like someone considers it, maybe someone directing a small opinion news paper? Yes, it is possible!

Carlo Parlanti’s born in Montecatini in 1964, grows up in a family like many others, attends the scientific lyceum, then college, physics. At twenty five he is in Milano, looking for a job: he is smart, knows how to study, and he ends up sending a resumè to one of the largest fortune 100 in the food industry, one that now a day has a lot of opposition. In a period when no-global is an unknown word Carlo Parlanti needs to make a living : he starts working for Nestlè, as a systems analyst and afterward as a project manager, like we would say today.

He climbs quickly, travels often around europe, he enjoys that life style, always around, never a dull moment. At a certain point he decides to change, abruptly: he is a man perfectly capable to leave the morning after for the Americas. And is what he does, in 1996: at this time he is no longer employed ad Nestlè, but for Dole: his career is going strong. But, beside work, he has another passion in his life, women. Many women, that he dates for few week or months, for a couple of years or few days. Many women anyhow: also from that point of view things are going great, even better, it looks like one of those TV life’s, neat, clean, designed to make people envious. Or so it seems.
The year is 2001: Carlo Parlanti meets a woman, Rebecca McKay White. She is born in 1959, a few years older and showing them all, she works in a jewelry store where Carlo Parlanti goes to get his watch fixed. The two befriended one another a few months before September 11th ; in November Rebecca McKay White looses her job, she is in a difficult period , California is in a big crisis, there is recession and everybody is scared. Above all there is a catastrophe in the other side of America that has just hit the entire planet. The two move from Monterey to Westlake village, near Malibu. They live in the same apartment, Carlo’s apartment : months go by and it’s a new year, 2002.
The summer of 2002 is a key moment: Carlo Parlanti is thinking about going back to Italy, to cash in his American experience, to spend the know-how acquired in the big international company. On top of everything, he is fed up with Rebecca McKay White, he cannot take her anymore and wants to leave her: he is no stranger to starting anew, and this he did without wavering. On July 16th 2002 the story with Rebecca McKay White is finished: why such an exact date? Because to witness it there are varius emails sent to friend, on top of trial’s declarartions. Carlo Parlanti “shows the door” to Rebecca McKay White, and at that point he has practically written the last chapter of his adventure across the ocean.
Two days after, on July 18th 2002, The woman that he had just left, reports him to the police: she tells about one night in which Carlo Parlanti imprisoned her, beat her up, sodomized her forcing her to practice “fist fucking”, and finally, after bounding her with plastic ties, raped her multiple times. These are very serius allegations, accusation that deserve in depth investigations, analysis, witnesses; in one word, “evidences”. In august Carlo Parlanti returns to Italy: he will be free without knowledge of this story until the month of July 2004, when he is approached at the Dusseldorf airport, where he will discover that there is an international warrant with his name on it.
Two years in the dark
What happens Between the summer of 2002 and the summer of 2004? Two years of black out, two years during which Carlo Parlanti goes back to work in Italy and Europe, doing what he was doing before. And Rebecca Mckay White? In the United States, waiting for Carlo Parlanti to come back to the States but as a prisoner, with the complicity of hardened Californian laws against sex crimes. Waiting to be able to enjoy for the rest of his days a revenge for having damped her, revenge that will also procure her a “pension” for life because victim of a sex crime.
It’s really sad that nothing like that has happened, and that the violence remains alleged and without proof after being incarcerated for almost one year in Germany, from the summer of 2004 to the spring of 2005, without evidences, froof, facts to justify his arrest, he gets extradited. This happens even though his attorney in Germany, Franzisca Lieb, is trying to present appeal upon appeal for the obvious illegitimacy of the extradition, and the same thing is done by Cesare Bulgheroni (Carlo Parlanti’s attorney in Italy) that attempts an appeal to the European court for Human Right, also for violation of international treaties on extradition without success!
On June 3rd 2005 the manager that always travels around the world, always full of women, a person that doesn’t even know how he ended up in that cell in Dusseldorf gets loaded in chains on an airplane, destined to California.
The Trial
After being transferred from Dusseldorf to Ventura, in California, Carlo Parlanti faces the beginning of his penal persecution. The trial is going to produce an unimaginable series of evidences created out of nothing, at time appearing directly upon request from the district attorney as in the case of the pictures, of testimonies confused and recanted, of accusations without foundations that cannot possibly be proved. In detail; the district attorney talks about Carlo Parlanti, the project manager that travels around the world, always in motion, one full of women, as a common criminal.
They talk about a criminal record for armed robbery, and assorted violence, all crimes committed in Italy; It is really unfortunate that the Italian Criminal record of Parlanti is clean, “ like a lake without mud”, they would say in a movie as chilling at least as much as this story. And this is only for starters: one of the most incredible declarations made by Rebecca McKay is in regards to the alcohol that Carlo Parlanti would have drank, before abusing her in the night of June 29th. Four liters of Chardonnay (about one gallon) in about five hours; a quantity that would have killed him, since it would cause a Bac- blood alcohol content – of about 0.63 and the ethylic coma happens already at 0.40.
If it was the only absurd declaration: Rebecca McKay had already recanted the date of the violence moving it from July 6th to June 29th 2002 – evidently to earn a few days – in order to justify the lack of visible bruises, and the fact that she could not undergo med-legal test, the gynecological exam that is done normally on victims of sexual violence. In fact, regarding the night of the “fist fucking”, Rebecca Mckay white tells about a very strong hemorrhage caused by the fore-harm that Carlo Parlanti would have first stuck in her vagina with his fist closed, and afterward, with the palm of his hand open, inside her rectum. An hemorrhage that, according still to Rebecca McKay White, had left abundant traces on the bed, “pools” of blood that filtered through the sheets and impregnated the mattress itself. Needless to say, at the time of the report, the police went to the house and did not find anything. They found everything in order, they found a bed properly made, they found Carlo Parlanti’s TV life. The dry wall against which Rebecca McKay White declares that her face has been struck tens of times, is completely intact, every thing is completely in order. Nobody has seen maintenance personnel or anybody that could have made repairs. Carlo Parlanti in the meanwhile is some where else, still in the United States, in Gulfporth, in Missisipi. Unaware of anything.
The woman has already in the past manifested signs of mental instability, during a divorce from her first husband, and now during the trial she even admits candidly that she has problems with her short term memory, which comes in very useful since she has to justify in front of an attorney, in front of a judge, in front of a jury, how is it that she wanted to recant the date of the most traumatic day of her life, anticipating it by one week. Do you remember? From the 6th of July to June 29th of 2002. It is difficult to confuse especially if you reported the facts on July the 18th. In such a brief lapse of time one week is a lot of time, to confuse one week from the other; one week like hundreds of others, confused with the one in which you underwent horrible violence.
The pictures
One of the most shocking evidences, presented by Rebecca McKay white, and incredibly considered valid, are two pictures showing her with a large bruise on her left eye. It is a picture that appears years after the report, exactly after three years, practically upon request by the district attorney: and it is fake. It is a fake that resulted in a decision that condemned Carlo Parlanti. Why is it a fake? You just have to look at the two image, not even with too much accuracy, the ones presented after three years, those with a left eye dark from a bluish bruise, and another image, taken from the Ventura Police on the day of the report, July 18th 2002. The same person, but with some years of difference, a different hair style, smoother skin. And not only: during the trial Rebecca McKay White declares that she has taken those pictures on her own in the restroom of Carlo Parlanti’s house, sitting on the toilet. Unfortunately the memory plays her a trick she even declared, after all, that she had short term memory problems: Carlo Parlanti’s restroom is painted in yellow. The pictures presented by Rebecca McKay White, taken with a small throw-away camera, have a whiter than white background and reflection of blue. Although it is evident that it is the same person yes, but in places and years completely different from those where the alleged violence was staged (and these are not small details for crime evidences), incredibly a verdict of guilt gets issued against Carlo Parlanti
The Verdict
Carlo Parlanti gets sentenced to nine years of prison. He has to spend them in the prison of Avenal (see pictures), Where things get immediately worse: he is involved in a fight and, we do not know how he contracted hepatitis C. He suffers from piorrea and is loosing his teeth. He is not responding well, like an innocent reacts to prison time without motive. A web site has been active for some time,, to talk about this absurd story and a petition has been arranged to clarify a complicated story, as we said from the very beginning, difficult to follow, with many dates and names to remember; and that everybody is forgetting about too quickly.
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