mails from Carlo

21 11 2007


On Friday I wrapped up my few things (the essentials to write and the Holy Bible) and tomorrow I should be leaving for Avenal. On Friday I wrote something for Italy, first through Enrica. Today I’m trying with Val, but I know that they won’t be sent until tomorrow. I feel a bit better, since I received your mail and the one from V. But my heart is full of pain and hate L I’m so tired. […] May be it is the fear of cancer but I feel I’m going to collapse. I need something to be done. [..] Please my love, I need something to be done, because I can’t resist anymore (here Carlo uses a crying emoticon)


The only thing I can say now, is that the sentence has been postponed again because of the motion of the attorney and that in order to keep my mouth shut they have decided to pospone my transfer as well. Being here I can’t talk to you by telephone. Moreover, as I wrapped everything up on Friday, this is the last letter I can write to you at a determinable future. L I’m trying to have the envelopes back, but as usual they laugh at me. […] If I can’t even write, I could go insane or I could kill myself.
Please, help me, I’m imploring you. And you,my loce, don’t forget that I love you and that I’m thinking of you even if I can’t write.
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A gift for Katia

7 11 2007

Katia PortraitThis is a portrait of Katia, made by Richard Arciniega B82619. It’s a gift from Carlo to Katia for her Birthday…. We can read the Voice of Avenal State prison’s inmates HERE

Katia portrait

Carlo’s going to die ….

6 11 2007
freedom_by_ahmetorhan-senza1.jpgWe receieved a letter from Val, the Katia Anedda’s american friend. She visited Carlo a few days ago, so she wrote these terrible words…
We don’t understand the silence of media, of Human Rights associations and the silence of OUR politicians. Carlo’s going to die. YOU are killing him!
“I got to see Carlo this afternoon and he was literately crying because he really doesn’t know what’s happening with things.  Please don’t tell Katia  but Carlo looked so bad today the only way I can describe the way he looked is to compare him to a Holocaust victim.”
And this is a letter for Katia.
Ciao Katia,
Please forgive me for not getting this you yesterday…..!!  I was able to visit Carlo but he looked very bad……!  He has lost a lot of weight and he doesn’t have all his voice, very hard to hear him.  I told him that I send him information Friday but he is begging for more.  First he said that he want you to complain to the prison system about his bad treatment.  He said that he didn’t care anymore because it can’t get any worse.  He wants to hear about the investigation, he wants to know if Franco did what he said he was going to do.  He wants to know about the press conference and about FBI investigation.  He thinks he is going to be in Wasco for another couple of weeks but I have to work all weekend so I don’t know if I’m going to have enough time to go see him, I’m going to try very hard.  He is worried that they won’t do another CT scan in the five weeks like they said.  Also I asked him about the Hepatitis C but all he knows is that they gave him vaccine for hepatitis A & B but were supposed to get another injection in 2 -3 weeks but didn’t.  If you have anything more than what I just sent him please can you give it to me so I can mail to Carlo.  Valentina sent me some information for Carlo that I will put in the mail today.

where’s the justice?

15 10 2007

this is a video to tell you an absurd story…
watch and help Carlo with us