To make the telephone ring…

22 02 2008

If you wanna make Carlo able to call you

GTL (Global Tel Link Intl) announces the availability of Inmate International AdvancePay. This program allows friends and relatives of inmates to establish an AdvancePay account via Western Union from over 150 countries and territories.
How does it work?

Customers must locate their nearest Western Union Agent location and either complete a blue form with their personal information or provide the required information to the Western Union agent. Customers must provide the following information:

  Pay To Company Name: GLOBAL TEL LINK INTL
Company Code: VGTL AL

Amount to be Paid: The amount the customer wishes to be applied to their phone account Account Number: Customer’s full telephone number including country and city code

  ***For customers in Canada, Puerto Rico, USVI or located within the North America Dialing Plan use:
Pay To Company Name – GLOBAL TEL LINK INTL Code CityCode – VAPAY State – AL

  Amount to be Paid – The amount the customer wishes to be applied to their phone account–  Account Number – customer 10 digit phone number***
An inmate will only be able to use these funds to dial a specific number the customer has selected as their account number. Once the money transfer is complete – the inmate will be able to place a call to that designated number in approximately 24 hours.