We can’t say “Happy birthday,Carlo!”

31 10 2007

Tomorrow, the 1 st November will be Carlo’s Birthday.

We would like to ear our voices singing “Happy bithday” to Carlo¬† with Katia and Carlo, happy and FREE. We would like to sit all together around a table to eat the Carlo’s birthday cake.¬† JUSTICE
We would like to see Carlo opening our gifts.
These things we like to do TOMORROW will be impossible to do, because Carlo is not here with Katia, with his family, with his friends. Carlo is still inmate in Wasco Prison, in U.S.A., for a crime he didn’t committ. He’s innocent. He was unfairy convicted, so THIS IS A CRIME.We can’t say now “Happy birthday, Carlo”. We can’t give him any gift.
If you have a conscience, if you hope in JUSTICE, help us to help Carlo.
Read his absurd story and spread it all over the world, SIGN the petition for Carlo.
Thank you…and Happy Birthday Carlo!