Press Conference of Prisoners of Silence. International interest on Carlo Parlanti’s case: a miscarriage of justice.

23 09 2008
Press Release

For Immediate Release

Where: In front of Italian Consulate, 12400 Wilshire Blvd.  Los Angeles ,CA.

When: Wednesday, September 24,  at 3 p.m.

Object: Press Conference of Prisoners of Silence.  International interest on Carlo Parlanti’s case: a miscarriage of justice.

For further information:                               Katia Anedda                  Phone: (661) 304 0437


During a conference held in Ventura County on September 17, Prisoners of Silence  highlighted possible illegalities and omissions committed against an Italian citizen, Carlo Parlanti. Mr. Parlanti calls since 2005 for the an appropriate investigation of his case by the Department of Justice and the American authorities.

It is proved the fallibility of the report on the Italian criminal background of Mr. Parlanti: as presented during the press conference held in Ventura, Ca, his criminal record is clean. Nevertheless, without going into the merits of the case, there are still those who continue to say, without objectivity, that Carlo Parlanti is a “dangerous person”.

Carlo Parlanti is a man sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment on the basis of the story of a woman, previously banned to testimony by a court in Texas, after a trial in which all the evidences showed the innocence of the defendant.

The story of Carlo Parlanti, an Italian citizen, is now a “case”. Several Italian and European parliamentarians, including the Hon. Umberto Guidoni have become protagonists of  a series of initiatives requesting for  the appropriate investigation and clarification  about the case of this man, wrongfully convicted and detained.

Prisoners of Silence, an Italian no-profit organization which cares for the rights of Italian citizens  detained abroad is engaged in a tour of press conferences in California in order to sensitize the media, crime experts  and Police  to follow the case as it has already happened in Italy, where for several months an association  of criminologists  has studied the case, free of charge, pointing out inconsistencies that  arose during the  course of Mr. Parlanti ‘s trial and highlighting new ones.

The family of Carlo Parlanti, through Prisoners of Silence, is available on request to provide documentation relating to the case.

With prayer of publication and feedback

Prisoners of Silence 




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