8 05 2008



Carlo Parlanti, an Italian citizen, is currently being warehoused in a California prison convicted of the crime of rape in the county of Ventura by prosecutor Gilbert Romero with  justice James T. Cloninger presiding in a California court of law. The Italian press, figures in the Italian government, and those without bias who look into the case believe Carlo Parlanti is innocent. The press has gone as far as saying he has been kidnapped by the United States.


How did this happen? Key, damning evidence was fabricated by the alleged victim and doctored by the prosecutor. The alleged victim was also allowed to perjure herself with full knowledge of the prosecution. Deceived with false evidence, combined with the standard practice of using battered woman syndrome experts and character witnesses, the jury was swayed.

The prosecutor took this extraordinary step because he was in a bind ; he was holding in jail a foreign national he extradited from Germany, and he had not as of yet evaluated the evidence against the man. Unfortunately for all parties, Italian and German government safeguards to prevent unlawful extradition failed.


With Carlo Parlanti fighting to survive in jail (Parlanti was tagged a rapist and tossed into general population where he was brutally assaulted), prosecutor Romero  sees the evidence against the accused evaporate as he puts together his case.


He has no “med – legal” rape test, no DNA , no witnesses who heard or saw anything. The week the alleged victim was tied up and held captive was dispelled by her own cell phone records as she was out gallivanting around, shopping for an apartment and performing job interviews.

So the prosecutor approaches the alleged victim for more evidence, now three years after the alleged rape. She produces pictures she supposedly took sometime after the incident at the apartment. Two of the pictures show her badly battered. The battery pictures are several years older then the other pictures and not of the same roll of film as the alleged victim claims; it is obviously falsified evidence.


At this point the prosecutor could still do the right thing and withdraw the charges from Parlanti, offer an embarrassing apology and maybe pay some damages. Instead prosecutor Romero steps over that line that divides the saint from the sinner the virtuous from the criminal: he takes his case to trial!


1)      falsified evidence and scene with no crime


After three years the alleged victim produced pictures of bruises of the alleged assault. Forensic investigator debunks validity  (see and )  


Diary  used to implicate Parlanti found to be distributed 6 months after first entry ( see


Crime scene does not support assault and rape allegations: police investigator doesn’t believe alleged victim and takes no evidence (see


2)      Perjuries upon perjuries : the alleged victim  repeatedly lied on and off the stand


     Police and doctor dispute in juries (see


     Alleged victim lied about Parlanti’s drinking (see


Alleged  victim perjures herself denying knowledge of rival girlfriend (see


Alleged victim’s own e-mails expose her lies (see


     Extradition and bail processes failures. Prosecutor kept exonerating evidence concealed to Germany and Italy (see  



Links and resources to go in depth


     Complete trial transcripts


     Carlo Parlanti’s web site


Carlo Parlanti’s blogs


Petition for new investigation



Over – zealous  prosecutors  like Romero and Nyfong (who prosecuted three innocent Duke Lacrosse players, destroy the credibility of the U.S. legal system when they use it for personal gain or gratification. Both of these defendants, Parlanti and the lacrosse players, have the means to expose the injustice. As a result, prosecutor Nyfong was disbarred and, being innocent, Parlanti will fight’ till he is vindicated; which can only mean the exposure of Romero’s vicious prosecution.


In the end there will remain a dark stain on the great state of California, and a question: is there justice in America?








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