Carlo Parlanti, the resentence on December 10

10 12 2007

Carlo Parlanti, waiting for the resentence on December 10th.
A conversation with Katia Anedda

After almost a month of delayed transfers, Carlo Parlanti has reached the Avenal Prison, at last. On December 10th the resentence will take place. We have met his girlfriend, Katia Anedda.

Katia, you are leaving to Los Angeles, in order to be present during the resentence. What about the situation?
On December 4th we have managed to have Mr Charles Kelly Kilgore as defending counsel for Carlo. I must say thank you to Mr Marco Zacchera (MP), who, as I have already said, is a great politician and a great Italian man. I want to thank the municipality of Montecatini as well: they are helping us, they are helping Carlo non only as a townsman, but first of all as a citizen whose rights have been regularly violated.

What do you expect by the resentence?
Me and his family, we hope that with all the new certifications, with a report which testifies that false evidences have been produced, and furthermore taking into consideration all the contradictions occurred during the trial, something new should happen. On October 10th, on the Human Rights Day, the resentence will take place. It will then be clarified if Carlo should be confirmed the nine years detention (maximum penalty) or if there can be a reduction. I hope that the Ventura attorney does its duty, taking into consideration false evidences, misgivings about medical examinations, contradictions, and sheds light on what they already know: Carlo’s innocence.

Carlo’s history has now become a media case: he is the symbol of Italian prisoners abroad
There are thousands of people who, without knowing Carlo nor me, just reading the trial transcriptions and the testimonies, feel indignant about this case. These people are the ones who vote for our representatives. I wonder why the ones we have voted pretend that Carlo doesn’t exist. I’m leaving on December 6th and during the week end I will have the opportunity to meet Carlo again and I will hug him for all those wonderful people who care about us.
That’s why our group of bloggers wants to lauch the same initiative that Katia Anedda organised last Christmas: A lighted candle for Carlo.
On December 10th, all over the world celebrations will take place on the Human Rights Day. That same day, at 1.30. in Ventura it will be decided if it’s time for justice for Carlo Parlanti.

Photographs can be sent to this email address: They will be posted on a dedicated web page, to testify the solidarity of the people towards Carlo.




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