Wasco prison, 30th October, a letter from Carlo

2 11 2007

This is a letter from Carlo, sent to an american friend for Katia. It’s terrible to read his words, but we have to do it, to understand.

Dear sweet ,today I finally received my envelopes from Ventura so I can write again to you and katia šŸ™‚ It may seem little but communicating with you, also if in a one way kind of way fills my heart with joy! I also received your letter from the 24th (the one with 10 stamps inside), so I know that you had receiving my letters from mercy. And that comforts me even more because I’ve been able to be near to you and because my accounts on what was happening have been (or will be) posted for people to know.By the way did you send Katia also my accounts in english to you or did you post them? I think that right now the quantity of info in english (and other languages) should be increased, but let my go by step so you’ll understand why! yesterday (the 29th) I got called to the program office around 9 am and the sergent marvelled at my being barefooted; he asked me why then got my size and fetched a pair of shoes for me after five days! :S I couldn’t even start being happy at having some shoes that they called me again to go at visiting because the italian conusle was here with Enrica to visit me: sholud I add anything?

But maybe it was just a coincidence! šŸ˜‰ I spoke with them an hour complaining also about the envelops and not being able to write (and the bible too) And today I got miracously my poor properties from Ventura…shocking, eh? Btw as usual they took the hard cover out of the bible and the benedetto XVI book and they broke the bible as You can see form the attached map.. šŸ˜¦ the most important thing is I can write , you can wrte me too ( ) and they told me it’s only a layover, so I’m not gonna being here 6 months. the c.o that gave me some sheet say at least 2/3 weeks , Enrica said sooner than that, bu you know, how it is :S The guard and the person at mercy made me understand they had seen the website. The guard that took me here said something like: “so you’re famous, they tell me”, to star talking with me; even the guard that took me to the visit yesterday asked me question for 15 minutes afterwards!!! Maybe it’s time to increase the efforts to penentrate english blogs and the us/ uk media, especially using the pictures report and the press conference communicate ( I’m dying to see it myself!:S) Write me soon please and bring me some joy in this grey hell…I love you, Carlo




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2 11 2007

tonight i’ve troubles with all linked to msn service.. tomorrow I’ll update my msnspacelive too šŸ™‚

3 11 2007

Carlo, I think to you with affection.

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