23 10 2007

Why can’t the vicissitudes of Carlo Parlanti <> overwhelm the unconcern of politicians, media, personalities, associations?
Why is Carlo another invisible one? What makes difference among men? Where is the difference? Who is Carlo Parlanti? He could be each one of us.
What would a man feel, being left alone suffering? Carlo knows it.
And what about us? Can’t we feel indignant at least?
On October 24th, in Montecitorio, Rome, Mr Marco Zacchera mp will hold a press conference about Carlo’s situation. To take part in the meeting, registration is required.
Don’t we leave Carlo and Katia alone. They have to feel our support, so let’s attend the press meeting.
For any further information and registration: katia@carloparlanti.itPs. Carlo is imprisoned at Wasco prison. At the moment, he is at Bakersfield hospital because he’s thought to be affetcted by TBC. Of course, he’s in isolation and I can understand ha can’t recevive any visitors….But why can’ t he call his family on the phone? His relatives have just some news by the Italian Embassy, that can  sometimes contact Carlo on the phone. But, It would be better for the, to talk directly with Carlo as they are very worried for his health.
Up to now, 19.00, there is, still, no news about Carlo. Is this silence human?